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Tunnel Vision


Tunnel Vision, a focused life

We have formulated a master plan to shield the individual affected by trauma by stepping in and providing “Tunnel Vision”-style focus, imagination and coping mechanisms as well as personal nurturing skills to make a difference on a daily basis.

This mechanism of focus, nurturing and dedication to the self, will aid immensely in the coping mechanism and the ability to move toward post-trauma and post-abuse. The past experience of daily violence and harassment witnessed and experienced does not simply disappear; it is part of the individual’s life tape, long-term.

Utilizing “Tunnel Vision,” individuals will embrace a disciplined focused methodology; to think, breathe and speak a fresh and life invigorating pattern of behavior, to survive and thrive.

For the individual looking to clarify, find focus and meaning, and simplify the complexity of a life post-stress and post-violence, for the Professional Counselor seeking to assist a child and family who seems lost perhaps caught within a violent abusive atmosphere or in the memories of this experience, and for the attorney and court system who seeks to more fully understand the plight of the individual and explore further the psychology behind domination and violence cycles, a “Tunnel Vision” approach takes you to a place beyond the study of the illness of manipulation and violence to a place encouraging strength of character and commitment to personal growth and miracle fulfillment. The ultimate goal for each individual is a full recovery of body, mind and spirit, which includes healthy living and healing both physically and mentally. Life is a gift not to be destroyed and not to lack meaning and self-fulfillment.

The experience of “Tunnel Vision” is unique and honestly personal reveals an emotional and moving real-life story of pain and vulnerability. We are moved to question how manipulation, violence and abuse were “allowed” to overcome our ability to control a peaceful outcome. We must look deeply within our own psyche and background to see why or on what basis we adults “allowed” violence to happen. Children are innocent victims. The cycle of violence, if allowed to continue, will seek to perpetuate itself again and again and again. My youngest son taught me best, “Mom, simply stop talking.” Is that all it would have taken to have lived without the violence?

The story concludes with a  “road map” from violence to the creation of a healthy and prosperous future. Miracles and dreams are achieved for those who seek to dream, for those who are determined to shut out the noise, for those who learn how to focus, simplify and clarify life.  Join us in the creativity that “Tunnel Vision” brings; it is truly amazing for all who embrace the concept and are determined to live life fully with “Tunnel Vision” as their guide. Say what you really want and go for it! Embrace your dreams with a desire and passion that shuts out all question and negativity. Never stop. As my eldest son says, “Mom, you are not trying hard enough; try harder.” We ask you to try harder. Live fully and enjoy every moment in peace.

We welcome you and invite you to heal, to dream and to create miracles!
Quietly and miraculously maintain energy, health, and focus to enrich yourself and those around you with positive change. Success is realized, the achievement of passion and dreams unimaginable from my amazing family! We now strive to make a difference sharing this story with you.

Placeholder ImageAccept what is most uncomfortable… 

Feel it…allow the feeling to overcome
You. Do not fear this

Allowances to breathe..

Nor be afraid. Allow…


Rain or Shine. Learn to…
Give love Always.

to others….
You must Accept sorrow…

Let go.
For in this
Will understand. You
Will soar.

Trust in this. I know
Of what
I speak.

And accept.
For this…feel… Unique…

Give all you have to give and more.
In this
You will win

At life…and more.

Stand tall…
Look ahead
Not at differences But at ways to create Similarities.

Don’t go changing…

From what makes you

Unique And bold.

All the best…

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