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Trials in Life

“I received “Tunnel Vision: A Focused life” a few weeks ago from a friend.  It was clear why I was sent the book. I had to look around my bedroom several times after each chapter I read. I felt that someone had just written my life story and my secret was out. I received a sense of relief, and a renewed faith in myself after reading the book, I realized I was not alone. This is a book I will be reading again and again, until I myself have developed my Tunnel Vision “A Focused Life.” The book is extremely well written. The book flows so swiftly and gently through the journey of the Author who “found herself”, even after extreme struggles, adversity and pain. She shares how she received serenity, peace and happiness through a seemingly simple process of focus and care for self. The philosophy which is shared is one miracles, hope and love. Also, one of moving forward and not staying stuck in the events of yesterday. Everything is possible!!  I Thank you.”  Anonymous

Trials in life are a gift to be embraced courageously to allow in the creation of miracles. I acknowledge anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Good thoughts can enrich a day. A warehouse can become a country estate. I can be the nurturing babysitter if i set my mind to the task without emotion. I can expand my horizons. My list continues, I expect many more miracles moving forward.

I encourage you to make a list, reflect, grow, embrace change from within the confines of wherever you find yourself. My warehouse became my “castle”.  We embraced this reality. I strive now to share valuable life lessons with you to make each and every moment count and every lesson useful. Do not let the insanity of the moment upset the beauty of your being. Exercise your body with attention to every detail.  Eat healthy foods from the garden to keep strong and vigorous. Surround yourself with friends who support your growth without judgment. I am surrounded by the memories of little ones, my constant guides always loving, always believing. I am honored by their presence. Even when I become fearful, they stay strong. “mom, get in, get out, get on with it”.

No matter how complicated your story, stay steadfast, stand strong, believe and move forward. The transcendence of your personal roadmap including detours and setbacks is paramount. Then allow for the miracles big and small. Draw pictures, take photographs, allow in all good thoughts.

My farm looks and feels much like the warehouse. When success comes as it will for certain, celebrate and continue on with a fearless attitude. Trust yourself and follow your heart.  Acknowledge and embrace goals openly. Security breeds confidence, dreams are had and you too will heal. Believe this to be so and things will unfold as they should.

If you are immobilized by loss and fear, there is a way out of your present state, a way to shape forward motion gracefully. Decide at once to transform your being, allow growth and accept change naturally with a focused path.  It is easier if ups keep on this way.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. This “voice” is your best tool in the board room, when talking to investors, when finding partners and when pitching to clients. Once you find your voice, hone it and practice.”
Melinda Gates

IMG_0410IMG_0306The “Tunnel Vision Approach” is not about perception of pain and suffering.  It is not about a violin playing or a pity party heaped upon you by past misfortune. It is forward looking, naturally causing positive things to happen.

Change you aspire to has nothing to do with creating sympathy or wallowing in grief. No emoting or wasting time allowed. The train you are on is moving in forward motion. The straight narrow focus is a dynamic strategy; clarity of purpose, disciplined thought, focused tomorrows and new beginnings is key. One solid course of action forged, secure and steadfast, determined from here forward. Go for it now.

Paint a picture in your mind’s eye, enjoy this backdrop. Draw in whatever color, in whatever medium to suit your fancy. When I imagine a perfect tunnel, I imagine green landscapes, garden paths, lined with amazing plantings, curving naturally past olive and fig trees, a calming influence which sways and nurtures me onward. See this image fresh, alive and fun-filled with no influence or judgment from another. Never change your focus if this is what you seek, whatever others believe is not important.

Silver Linings are everywhere dressed in clouds of confusion, doubt lack of conviction, and the negativity of another. Push all that aside and welcome in the light.  I came to see silver linings in all things, I looked for and sought them out. I turned my attention to good always. Never stop believing in miracles.

Begin each day in silent prayer, the power of peace and love for my little ones, the belief in myself. Calmed by divine guidance my “tunnel vision” provided a focus with no room for distraction. This methodology assisted me to take the next step without looking back, mindful of the task at hand, no questioning the past. I call to spirits to lighten our path, secure in action, self-induced competition drives me onward. Joy for the quest is clear. Together we march onward, you and I, single minded in focus, purposeful and intentional. I travel onward so you can too, there is much left to be done. And miracles do happen, as I see them everywhere. I beckon you to join me on the creation of a journey all your own. You must believe: “mom, fight for me, you are not fighting hard enough”. I had no choice but to win.


“You are all wonderful people and I salute your victories and achievements, overcoming adversity”    Joseph Tully, Esq, Tully & Weiss