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Passion: Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve, a unique venue for gatherings, celebration, reflection, learning, inspiration, wellness & enjoyment in 1 iconic farm style setting

Thanksgiving 2005, I brought three sons to remote Lake County, California to embark upon an entrepreneurial adventure, to nurture an eleven acre parcel of historic farm land to visualize, to create and to invite members to a beautiful destination, to grow olive trees, plant grapes, place diverse fruit trees and utilize biodynamic farming practices.

Pied de Terre, Makiivka Estate, is a private scenic country estate for members from around the world. We excel at promoting the sharing of travels, passions, exceptional experiences focused on wellness, healing, balance, fine art, culinary adventures, music, automobiles, wealth creation, entrepreneurial pursuits, world markets, olive oil, wine making and grape growing. Past events included roundtable discussions with local & international winemakers, wine & culinary pairings with renowned chefs, landscape design transformations, outdoor music celebration festivals and power lunches.

As part of the membership, members delight in sharing the venue, gathering for farm events consisting of wine tastings, food paring seminars, and on site discussions and celebrations of art, design, fashion and music. Members will share in the growing and distribution of olive oil and wine production. The location, Lake County, California called to me “a city girl” as unique and special to create an elegant distinctly country gathering place, Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve. We are not in the financial district, members have the opportunity to relax, explore passions, breathe, celebrate life, enjoy membership gatherings and enjoy our fresh air! No traffic, no noise, what a concept!

Within Scenic Lake County, California comes innate volatility due to extreme weather patterns, soil composition, Mediterranean- like climate and remoteness. We are uniquely blessed surrounded by mountains and graced with an amazing natural lake. Three hundred fifty trees later one hundred or more have survived heat, drought, floods and clay like soil composition. Rome was not built in a day, it is built with passion, focus, commitment and a dream to create a design oasis! Members delight and share!

A farming spirit fueled by growth of this amazing wine country. We are passionate about a community of members who share a spirit that anything is possible, no individual is taken for granted, each individual honored for uniquely individual passions. We are uniquely committed to each others joy and celebration.

Makiivka Estate Farm Estate, a stunning backdrop for relaxation, exploration, celebration, and entrepreneurship. Rose gardens, verandas, lap pool, spa, abundant grass, mountains and vineyards, a place to meditate, relax and take time for reflection. Highland Springs is the “Switzerland of California”, a renowned healing environment. Health and Wellness is a top discussion regarding research and exploration in this field.

We share our investment in this land, array of flowers, fertilizer, enriched dirt, nurtured by weeding aiding biodynamic growth of vegetables and flowers flourished in raised flower and vegetable beds. As we nurture grounds, we share in our attention to detail with members what interests them mosts with diverse exceptional seminar selections.

Venture Entrepreneurial ideals are brought to Lake County, California. Members infuse us with ideas and delight in their presence. We encourage youth with ideas about outdoor exploration and business development to infuse their energy in Lake County. Further, we support social causes, Abuse and violence is shunned. We support, mentor and provide philanthropic support young women and men who seek to improve their position in life. We invite you and your friends to be a part of our adventure!

IPO Lake County is a sought after wine region, north of Healdsburg, Napa and Sonoma wine regions. Grapes emerge victorious gracing open verandas, abundant clean air, amazing backdrops and expansive vineyards are common place! Our goal, empower greatness for all individuals, take a wide focus lens to empower all members, small and large businesses to create a “life map” of wealth management; host wine and wine related seminars, diverse exceptional experiences to shape 5 star member experiences.

We are committed to our members. Each relationship is honored and cherished. Our goal is to know each individual like family, to promote wellness, healing, learning and social learning. We visualize individual roadmaps; we inspire all members to take colorful crayons, draw a “tunnel vision roadmap” fill it with passions, dreams, celebrations and gatherings! This is what our gathering place is all about.

Membership Information available upon request:

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