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Joyful Entrepreneur

IMG_4051“The first thing to look for when searching for a great business collaborator is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture.  Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality.  If you can find people who are fun, friendly, caring and love helping others, you are on to a winner.”

Richard Branson

To Create is to be Human. As Entrepreneur,  influence your work and life environments:

-Be the master of your personal adventure, take calculated risks, embrace technology, embrace resources to catapult change, climb a mountain, swim in a mountain stream, live fully, passionately, delighting over details that matter and drive you onward.

-Engage in playful self discovery through the sense of touch, taste, smell, sound and movement to your heart’s content; while incorporating style, expertise, wisdom, skill set, focus, drive and momentum to focus with results orientation to succeed tenaciously via open, fluid and direct communication with powerful interactive expansive relationships.

-Lead a life filled with meaningful experiences, travel, education, liberal arts, creativity, design and business acumen, mentoring and coaching a shared collective collaboration with like minded empowered individuals; a mastermind group of select cohort driven individuals who believe involvement and support of a community will make it thrive.


-Create challenge through problem solving, dreaming, overcoming silver linings and maintain optimistic thought for self and others, breaking old molds of formality to go outside the box often to deliver exceptional new branding methodologies, involving art, architecture, engineering, biodynamic, horticultural and legal genius.

-Collaborate in teams with talented energetic youthful minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to allow for the coming together of unique ideals to embrace shared experiences challenging the old, welcoming in the new…

-Gather in natural environments of boundless natural beauty, clean air coined “The Switzerland of California” to gain momentum from this experience.

-Support others in their dreams.  Fun and creativity  breed success while forging ahead with focused tenacity to allow growth past mistakes, heartaches, roadblocks, constraints.

-Deliver results driven presentation of service, skill set or product line, where people see first and feel second a need and a want where the creation and display of an idea shared to the public is worth energy, time and resources to risk for potential gains.

-Slow down, bring silence and stillness into your life for diverse reasons, through yoga, meditation, prayer, writing; anything that brings you peace, solitude, clarity and grace. Sometimes the best and brightest thoughts come in “quiet” moments of time.

-Clear clutter, make space for hard work, accomplishment, shared experiences, joy, peace, health and happiness to illuminate each life, send empowering messages to grace the vision for all to see clearly. Do not ache to control things you have no control over, let go and allow the freedom of the moment.

-Do unto others as you would wish others would treat you, individuals thrive on love, trust and respect. Give positive energy to others and it will come back to you ten fold.

-Focus always on happiness, what is working not what is not working.  Forgive those who wronged you, it will bring clarity, strength and empowerment.

-Be open to learn from what challenged you the most in life. Difficult life experiences are seen as silver linings, rainbows, golden opportunities for growth.

-Show up, be pleasant, kind and agreeable vs a negative complaining energy. Open up to what is light, positive, life fulfilling, social, economic and community growth.

“Pixar” is a stellar example of a joyful business environment where play and creativity is revered.  Though employees do live by strict deadlines, spending countless hours in count down mode to prepare for a movie launch, this is colored by things such as a “cereal room”, “play areas” vs work spaces, a workout area on site including child care!


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