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Intern Position

JOliverMaxwell is seeking Select Interns for development and marketing of our Northern California “think tank” investment advisory location. Interested Interns willing travel north one or two days each week or plan to work virtually. Hunger to learn markets…IMG_7928

Opportunities include:

• Grow the firm’s client list by utilizing social platforms, LinkedIn, for lead generation.
• Simplify account management processes, collaborate with senior partners/ advisors
• Efficiently relay of information to clients design/write straightforward documents
• Maximize returns supporting the creation of financial models to analyze performance

• Perform substantial equity research/ deliver weekly stock and industry reports to Portfolio Managers analyzing corporate data and key financials
• Strong stock reports. Conduct DCF Analyses for fundamentally sound companies.
• Present findings to Equity Research Team through extensive PowerPoint presentations • Facilitate engage in weekly market discussions about market events including investments ideas
• Create weekly newsletter discussing current news in US Equity market, FOREX, and commodities
• Build portfolio and management strategy considering factors such as positioning, correlation, turnover, taxes, attribution, AUM, exposure, risk metrics, etc.

• Identified and removed underperforming securities from client portfolios by conducting qualitative and quantitative research of over 100 individual securities
• Ensure team’s preparedness for client meetings by working closely with operations, Private Wealth Advisors, performing administrative duties prepare documents and presentations
• Expand practice through strategic marketing tactics such as creating a marketing calendar to plan current and prospective client outreach and developing an effective, professional team website

JOliverMaxwell, LLC is a boutique advisory firm based in beautiful Northern California Wine Country. Our firm is designed to serve Millennials, Accredited Investors, Families, and Founders/CEOs of large and small corporations and their Boards.

We are relentless in our pursuit of results, driven to achieve long term growth for our clients. Our firm employs a Lifecycle Advisory Model supporting rapid operational & financial growth, capital formation, and a successful exit. Whether you are a Millennial, an Entrepreneurial Small Business or a Senior Investor, J. Oliver Maxwell, LLC places each client first.

We work diligently to achieve portfolio growth based upon individual risk tolerance and long term portfolio objectives. We coach self control, encourage paying yourself first, build in security directed at long term financial independence. We collaborate with trusted professionals to insure asset management via insurance, retirement, transfer of wealth and estate planning.

Our firm is focused on unique needs of earlier stage Entrepreneurs, Millennials, Small Businesses and Accredited Investors. JOliverMaxwell, LLC Registered Investment Advisors have advised on transactions around the globe totaling greater than $100 billion in aggregate deal value over the past 6 years. OliverMaxwell, LLC has successfully executed transactions in Technology working with or across enterprises such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, AOL, HP, Oracle, Intel, EMC, AVG, Symantec, EDS, Xerox, Acer, Compaq. Specific sector coverage areas include: Pharmaceutical, Technology, Real Estate, Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT, Cloud/SaaS, Mobility, Internet, Business Services.

JOliverMaxwell, LLC core principles (1) Results, (2) Client First, (3) Research, (4) Tenacity, (5) Innovation, (6) Loyalty, and (7) Fundamentals. Our firm is comprised of a Senior Advisor Network of Entrepreneurs/CEOs, Executives, Investors, and Registered Investment Advisors serving the firm driving positive outcomes for client investors.

We believe that every client, big or small, deserves our undivided attention. We believe that Entrepreneurs and their Boards need specialized advice for the complex situations they often face. We believe the investment banking industry has not evolved to meet the increasingly complex demands of these clients until now.


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