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An iconic farm stretching out as far as the eye could see filled with star thistle and bramble.  Early fall 2005, I sat in an old black beetle bug transfixed, in awe.  It was dusk, raining, windy, cloudy, surrounded by flooded vineyards.  Nothing was further from “usual”.  Something called out to me.  Strange, crazy, I felt passion in the moment.

I was called to this place away from the San Francisco Financial District brokerage trading floor, away from glamorous shops of down town Walnut Creek, away from roller blading trails of the East Bay and Marin.  Thanksgiving day after a taxing double shift, my three sons and I drove north on Silverado Trail passing wineries, a Meadowood breakfast, over winding roads.  I called out, “this is our farm”! My sons in unison, ok mom!”

I embarked upon an adventure to affect positive change, an entrepreneurial dream, my reality; a wealth management power group of creative energy infused dynamic smart individuals.  A “tunnel vision” belief in the ability to advocate affect a transformation, initiation of venture pursuits, encouraging the building of art and forward moving industry, to see things differently, to focus on the out of doors, hospitality, human services and vineyard industries, bringing  with me tested strengths and capabilities while seeking to collaborate change in others. One must love oneself and respect oneself before change in another is possible. Grand things are possible if the tree is firmly grounded; family, faith, social, psychological and financial stability.

Life planning and wealth management involves united prayer, faith, determination and focus. No one is perfect.  We are capable of taking baby steps and utilizing silver linings to improve our situation day after day. As a Focused Entrepreneur and Registered Investment Advisor, I advocate strength and teach focus to change and develop a saving strategy through patience and education. I collaborate with community members and financial experts to empower individuals and businesses to grow wealth, promote change and stretch beyond.  Part of my tithing, a provide for others a “vision” for young. I mentor young students via internships interested in the markets for the purpose of providing understanding of fundamental and technical indicators to empower markets.

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