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Tunnel Vision

Although “tunnel vision” … represented by a closed-in and very narrow view of the … businesses, it is an absolute necessity for the beginning entrepreneur. Too many people who want to become rich and successful never reach their goals because they are not clear, tenacious and focused with intensity….

“With our voices united in coordinated sequences of dreams and actions, we must IMG_0410forge paths to new beginnings. Dreams happen and become our reality. With every turn, we dream to accomplish for ourselves something that will teach our children that our past does not bind us. We dream again. Our children see the power in dreams and in miracles. ¬†Though we worship what was, we must move on, living life as the wind, flowing and moving in rhythm with the land.

Flying as the birds, ever higher, and yet with inspiration, velocity, and navigation as our guides so as not to collide with others also aiming high.  Those whose intention is to fly have no fear, they keep soaring.

The approach I speak of is not unique. It involves a disciplined and defined focus of words, actions, and thoughts every day and all the time. It is available for all who are ready and able to hear the inner voice and the dreams we express to others. Try to experience singing to yourself and playing music so loudly it drowns out any inner voice of self doubt or sorrow. If it does not work the first time, try again until it does.

Never stop trying and play the music louder if you must. Disciplined restraint and control over all that is negative is required in your life from here forward.”

Tunnel Vision, a focused life

Isabella Fokine Beauregard


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