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Tailored to Perfection

IMG_4026Born in 2005, this simple “idea” of forming a creative masterpiece came to life from the hope to inspire and transform orphans in Ukraine, to the hope and vision to transform a flat and weed filled piece of farm land in a not so perfect location country side, to the hope to transform me, a divorcee with the watchful eyes of three young impressionable sons into something more than I believed at that point in time I could become.

Today Makiivka Estate has become a strikingly magnificent sculpture and landscape,  showcasing classic appeal, hints of fine antiques, intriguing architectural detail evoking the best of a country Pied a Terre lifestyle. What captivates and inspires all who venture here for a weekend gathering, a celebration or business retreat is the diverse stone work from fine craftsmen and stonemasons, pool artistry from grande contractors, fountains, garden designs, arches, pathways and home architecture set in an idyllic background. Captivating and passionate to the eye, the diverse details offer an art of simplicity to match a stark farming background. Wander the grounds, get lost in the moment, plan or be idle.  I would not have thought such beauty was possible.

Fun and inspiring is the story behind our backdrop! One must stop to ask Jan (owner/proprietor) for a copy of her entrepreneurial memoir/journal she wrote as the home was in creation.  Jan is the master of detail though she would not take credit for this.  There are many many many to be thanked for the transformation of a dream. Special thanks to sons Jonathan, Ian and Alex for the initial “yes” on Thanksgiving day 2005 when she asked if they thought this should become their “farm” as well as for the years of following the dream, driving all the way to this remote farm to create!

We offer a place for intimate weddings to a place for a music jam or a fun filled farm inspired dinner.  We offer training, motivation and mental mentoring for golfers seeking to become PGA hopefuls. We provide “tunnel vision” financial planning and business mentoring for sports entrepreneurs, a long term roadmap for the millennial starting out seeking to create a long term stock portfolio & financial independence.

We  provide hands on assistance, knowledge and skill to guide in the search for starter, step up or second home in the wine country.

Seek and you shall find, ask, pray, believe and you will uncover your personal greatness!

Bravo and Brava!





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