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fullsizeoutput_4694Avid Designer, Writer, Innovator, Creator, Artist, Entrepreneur; I embrace a “Tunnel Vision Approach” creative focused life attitude to accomplish all of life’s ambitions and passions. I have inspired each of my three sons to reach for their inner creative genius with childlike abandon; all is possible if we believe with a burning desire in amazing silver linings and moonbeams that come our way! I beg you to believe & live this daily!

I am humbled by a life journey that has taught me well to cherish each moment, my health, all opportunities, diverse mentors, colleagues and friends to strive to always share my humble experiences.  Through this forum; I will mentor, empower, catapult others toward success, happiness, accomplishment, health and fitness getting negative energy out of the way, freeing the spirit, forgiving the past, focusing clearly to create unbelievable stories of accomplishment in others going forward in this lifetime.

My Career Path; I am an Investment Style Realtor in the amazing Bay Area Luxury Market who places the interests of clients first with purchases, sales and lifestyle decisions.  I am a passionate Registered Investment Advisor who is loyal, honest, and acts with integrity, the utmost care and results driven focused orientation with each client portfolio to benefit families, business organizations and foundations.  I am trained as an Insurance Agent knowing value in security. I am a nurse who adores caring for babies.

My Education Path; I am a Georgetown University Graduate in the School of Nursing. I obtained my MBA from Ashford University.  I obtained a CMT (Certified Market Technician) at Golden Gate University. I presently attend Northwestern University School of Law.  I am certain that ongoing education of self and others is my roadmap.

I have taken on an immense challenge of farming and pruning an eleven acre parcel of land to create a sustainable masterpiece to share with others as meeting place for private investment discussions, formulation of investment plans, entrepreneurial gatherings for millennial small business owners, delightful farm dinners, wonderful client appreciation gatherings.  From all star thistle, I named the farm; Makiivka Estate, giving birth to a flat oasis surrounded by mountains, lakes and vineyards, clear sky above, a “Switzerland of California” where biodynamic farming is promoted with overwhelming nurturing ways to regenerate the earth, share fruits of our soil, heal and delight those who venture here!  Investing in the land is much like investing in oneself or an investment portfolio; all the above take time, patience and endless careful eye on the daily management to create a paradise or a portfolio. I plan to share the progress of my “farming” and “weed whacking ” adventures!  Should you have an interest, look to (thanks)

I have worked with literary agents, editors, designers and marketing geniuses to bring to life my first book, “Tunnel Vision, A Focused Life” to share the force of freeing life energy and moving on one can become and take on entrepreneurial skill and create miracles.  Life is a huge adventure and there is no time to waste.  This is a part of the “why” I take my investment firm to a farm if anyone is curious! I will write about this too!

As “sage”, I mentor, teach and coach others as a result of diverse challenging life lessons which have serve as my greatest guide.  Nothing in life can keep us down, only YOU keep yourself down.  This is the message I will share. This is the momentum that drives me.

As Registered Investment Advisor, I am tenacious, clear and results driven about the value of listening to others goals, perceiving every need and seeking the best for others in terms of financial security and long term stability and freedoms gained through a stable portfolio to enjoy a happy life.  I am well aware of the value of creating a long life masterpiece backed by memory filled time for family; to play, to enjoy, to make lasting moments with friends, family.  Time is fleeting, we must use our time and energy wisely.

Life has taught me about how precious is life, health and happiness.   How important to embrace each second of our lives as if it were our last.  As Advisor, I am committed to love each and every moment; a child, a family, my community involvement to make me the person I am today.  If and when you come to my farm; the first thing we will do most probably is to walk the fields and view the vineyards.  Then and only then can we come to a place to let down a guard and begin.  This is a long term process.

I am blessed with three healthy wonderful amazing fabulous accomplished sons who each live their passions freely and full out… ( one Pro golfer, one Sax Man Musician and one Wine Maker/ Organic Chemist/ PhD candidate) no limitations no regrets here.

There are no mistakes, everything happens for a reason.

I care to serve and to share my message……

Put life and passion first.

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Carpe Diem!



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