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A Unique Venue


Thanksgiving 2005, I brought three sons to remote Lake County, California to embark upon an entrepreneurial adventure, nurture an eleven acre parcel of historic farm land, visualize, create and invite our members to a one of a kind destination, to grow olive trees, plant grapes, nurture fruit trees and utilize sustainable biodynamic farm practices. Not only is this exciting; it is exhilarating to bring people together, share amazing connections, experience positive change.

Pied-a-Terre, Makiivka Estate, is a private scenic country estate for members from around the world; a stunning backdrop for relaxation, exploration, celebration, seminars, wine and food parings, exercise & entrepreneurship. We excel at promoting sharing of travels, passions, exceptional experiences focused on body and mental wellness, healing, balance, fine art, culinary exploration, music, automobiles, wealth accumulation and preservation, future venture entrepreneurial pursuits, world markets, olive oil production, wine making and grape growing. We ask members to be our…

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