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Empowered Artistic Entrepreneurs

photoYou are Passionate about work and play, it all seems to blend into one.  You are both true Entrepreneurs in Life.  You thrive to Think Critically, Creatively and Efficiently.  New Experiences excite you and you share this with your amazing lovely child.  Greater insight is gained from Exploration of what we are given.  Ideas, Theatre, Dance, Singing and Poetry are magical.  There is Hidden Potential in Everyone & Everything.  You Strive to Take on Objective Analysis of Clearly Subjective topics. You Seek New Perspectives on Common Situations. You Embrace Criticism & Feedback Openly.  You Value Freedom and Creativity in Others.  You Make Decisions Dynamically and Openly.  You Learn New Innovative Skills & Abilities. You Meet and Gain Insight in Other People. You Enjoy a Productive Challenge.  You Speak in public. You Work hard.  You Have Established Clear Boundaries and Limits. You Find Life Enriching and Exciting.  You are in control of your own destiny.  You See Patterns and Opportunity within Chaos. You Break free of a “comfort zone” to find Unique Places. You are confident in your abilities. You are Empowered & Free to Make Change Happen. You think about your Community.  You see “Work” & “Fun” as no longer mutually exclusive.  You are a Teacher & a Mentor.  You are a Student.  You take Risks & Benefit from Change.  You aren’t afraid to Dream Big.  You Demand More for Yourself.  You encourage others to dream big.  You construct your own Routines, Processes and Systems out of Theatre.  You care about Time, People and Perspective.  You spend time with Quality People.  You Challenge the Status Quo, You Break the Rules.  You take initiative to build great environments.  You see everything as a game, a challenge, an adventure.  You see everything as a learning opportunity.  You respect a hard and clear work ethic.  You are an innovator. You try new things. You are a dynamic change agent.  You love to solve puzzles, and find solutions. You work fast, no pressure, just your life.  You remain calm in tense situations.  No Intimidation. Every minute is a golden opportunity to make a difference. You are truly exceptional People.

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