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Present in the Moment…

Being mindful isn’t always easy due to the daily hustles and bustles of a busy working life.  If we get even a little better at being mindful or aware, we are certain to benefit in amazing ways by taking account of one’s daily activities, taking time for self, taking a moment to breath deeply, set your intention, look at what is around you, escape to a natural setting to be surrounded with animals, flowers and living things.  Be inspired to paint, to draw, to write, to make music, to cook,……the time for quiet reflection is yours.


Medical research attests to the profoundly healing mind body benefits of getting quiet, being centered, attaining clarity, being present in the moment and taking time for oneself is not selfish but is essential.  Body enhancing mindful therapeutic techniques include quiet meditation, deep rhythmic breathing, diverse yoga practices, pilates, swimming, rowing, playing and listening to music, hiking, running, gardening and/or eating fresh colorful foods.  Lifestyle forces we must control and get power over; stress, relationships, our ability to set limits, understand boundaries, improve sleep patterns, control noise, offensive energy and avoidance of illness of any kind.

IMG_1163.JPGDo try daily to go somewhere peaceful; make an adventure out of this practice, walk, see nature, interact with people who cross your path.  Always take a moment to seek quiet, natural light, clarity, centeredness as this will refresh and nurture your soul. With less encumbering your mind, you are allowed the moments for deeper, reflection, no clutter and more agile thinking, a crystal clear experience. With exploratory thinking, we are open to new experiences, have a keen desire to learn versus a pattern of exploitatory functioning, where we rely on existing knowledge, lean toward predictable situations and fail to grasp beauty and uniqueness of the moment. Be open to explore this life!

IMG_0060I created a farm reserve to promote healing and wellness.  Please come to Lake County, California, seek out nature, the immense natural lake, hiking, exploring, clean air. Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve created in 2006 primary goal is to inspire tranquility, create joy, encourage meditation, yoga, aerobic exercise in an atmosphere of grace. We strive to empower greatness via our farm oasis. Feel the energy, I promise you will.

1376420_213090672200629_1478274042_nSeek always to be mindful, be clear, feel centered, quiet, wholistic.  Body, mind & spirit, are one, a wellness orientation, beneficial for all in crucial, amazing stupendous ways.

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