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Achieve Financial Independence


What will it take to be Financially Independent?

Truly, you are capable of accomplishing way more than you ever realize unless you try try try to push beyond self imposed limitations.  Invest first in your self and your ability to make strides in your life never before imaginable.  Be expansive, passionate and creative with your expectations, dream of becoming a millionaire, aspire to become one!  If you desire dramatic, positive, financially stable change, set a goal to embrace a mind set of financial independence surpassing the static mind set you embraced up till now. Make your mind up to not be a quitter, follow the lead of no one but yourself. Emanate qualities of individuals who doggedly climb to the top, no matter the odds.

IMG_5073Here and now, we do live in one of the riches countries in the world.  A large percentage of the U.S. population lives pay check to pay check barely getting by.  Fifty percent or more of the people have no money for retirement.  Many people do not have $400 for an emergency.  Far less people know how to get money,  keep money, and almost no one knows how to multiply money.  Most people never learn to focus with a burning desire and inner strength, the lessons of “Think and Grow Rich” to be financially independent. A believe to be rich and independent starts from within, born from a mental state.

IMG_0060Basic skills to acquire a second job to maintain the goal may suffice.  Responsibility requires endeavors including a sale of unwanted items held forever. Purchasing items at the right price and the right time for appreciation is key.  Whether long term Stocks, Bonds, Investments in Real Estate or choice alternative investments, vehicles must be utilized in a pattern of diversification to mitigate risk. Money flows to areas where attention is placed.  The best ideas in life are simple, keep your plan simple.

fullsizeoutput_7595Visualize a self determined roadmap.  Multiplication and attention are utilized to visualize earning one million dollars. Nothing must stand in your way whether it takes Fifty Thousand per year for twenty years or Two Hundred Fifty Thousand per year for four years. Image 1000 people paying $83 dollars per month for 12 months, you reach your goal. Allow the flow of multiple income streams.  Dedicate yourself with  competitive like attention to detail to achieving financial freedom.

cropped-img_9794.jpgFinancial independence does not stop once you found a way to create wealth. We must grow our skills, find more people to help, we increase our income and acquire the boundless confidence to increase overall cash flow.  We acquire core values; focus, knowledge, compassion, competition, heart and collaboration.  We cherish each and every moment, counting our blessings for family, good health, friends, colleagues and the ability to strive daily. Whether you work for yourself or you work for others, treat your job  in “business” as your own.  With an eye to the details, whatever you do, it must be profitable and time efficient.  You are accountable to the mastery of your action plan.

IMG_0837No excuses no regrets. Study plans of highly successful individuals who get out of their own way, emerge from garages or warehouses to become billionaires, share ideas, allow the masses to be transformed by their power and grace. Get out of your own way; get up off of the coach, take incredible calculated risks, be transfixed in a “tunnel vision approach” methodology to attain what is necessary to emerge victorious . With hunger and perseverance stay the course allowing funds to be funneled into investment accounts. Your pocket is not for idle money, allow the power of compounding to work..  photo

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