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A Unique Venue

Thanksgiving 2005, I brought three sons to remote Lake County, California to embark upon an entrepreneurial adventure, nurture an eleven acre parcel of historic farm land, visualize, create and invite our members to a one of a kind destination, to grow olive trees, plant grapes, nurture fruit trees and utilize sustainable biodynamic farm practices. Not only is this exciting; it is exhilarating to bring people together, share amazing connections, experience positive change.

Pied-a-Terre, Makiivka Estate, is a private scenic country estate for members from around the world; a stunning backdrop for relaxation, exploration, celebration, seminars, wine and food parings, exercise & entrepreneurship. We excel at promoting sharing of travels, passions, exceptional experiences focused on body and mental wellness, healing, balance, fine art, culinary exploration, music, automobiles, wealth accumulation and preservation, future venture entrepreneurial pursuits, world markets, olive oil production, wine making and grape growing. We ask members to be our stewards, to provide us with subjects of interest so we may schedule future fascinating events. Past amazing events include roundtable discussions about financial markets, health care & wellness, events with local & international winemakers, wine & food parings, landscape design seminars, floral design and travel explorations. Members share in the exciting growth, bottling, labeling and distribution of our select Italian varietal olive oil & private label wines.

Northern California Wine Country called to me “a New Jersey/NYC Girl” as a unique and special place to create a venue, Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve. We are not located within the Financial District, so take a deep breath, relax and chill as you experience a one of a kind phenomenal opportunity to relax in a far away place with no traffic. Allow yourself to explore passions, share time with new friends, celebrate life, play a bit of golf, tennis, swim, wine taste and perform all kinds of water sports as you enjoy our social gatherings, a spectacular concept!

This very special “Switzerland of California” comes with innate volatility due to the extreme weather patterns, extreme soil composition, Mediterranean- like climate, rugged isolation and remoteness. We are uniquely blessed to be surrounded by mountains and graced with an amazing natural lake. Three hundred fifty trees later one hundred or more have survived heat, drought, floods and clay like soil composition. Rome was not built in a day, we are patient, focused, committed to a dream to create a design oasis!

We are passionate about a community of members who share a spirit that anything is possible, no individual is taken for granted, each individual honored for their uniquely individual passions. We are committed to each others health, joy and celebration of life.

Rose gardens, verandas, lap pool, spa, abundant grass, mountains and vineyards, a place to meditate, relax and take time for reflection. Highland Springs is a renowned old world healing environment known for the hot springs that grace the area. Health and Wellness Promotion and Anti-Aging is a topic of interest. Hot Springs of this area were once the rage. There was a time that many carriages made their way over the mountain to find the healing and tranquility that is the landmark here.

We share our investment in this land, our investment in this community, the importance of empowering the youth and those we serve as members. We adorn a diverse farm land once filled with grazing cattle with an assortment of flowers, fruit trees, olives, grapes, vegetables, fertilizer, and enriched dirt. Nothing grows without the mindful determined care and attention to detail. Weeding, tilling and careful aerating of soil for sustainable biodynamic growth in raised flower and vegetable beds. Our roadmap for success began as a blank slate. We now blossom, we create and we offer an opportunity to be part of a worldly knowledgable thriving community of entrepreneurs & social guests as members who not only contribute their energy but make this place what it is today, a place of enjoyment, gatherings and fun.

Entrepreneurial ideals are being brought to Lake County, California by top wine makers and world class developers. Members from around the world infuse us with expansive ideas of travel, cuisine, creativity and light. We encourage youth and millennials from around the Bay Area to join in and participate as change agents to infuse all with your promise for a bright future. Change happens only when new ideas are brought to light. We look forward to many more wine gatherings, fine food parings, party celebrations, art exhibitions, music festivals, environmental extravaganzas, wellness symposiums and farm dinners.

We support social causes. We inspire joy. The name Makiivka, given to memorialize one orphanage of AIDS and HIV Children in Makeevka, Ukraine. Abuse and violence is shunned. We mentor and provide encourage to youth to improve their lot, their believe in themselves, to allow them to thrive, to seek to advance their position.

IPO Lake County is a sought after wine region, north of Healdsburg, Napa and Sonoma wine regions. Grapes emerge victorious gracing diverse open verandas. Beckstoffer a name well known in Napa County has provided much belief in the quality of our land and our grapes. Because of our clean air and amazing backdrops expansive vineyards are common place and more investors seek our area to plant vineyards! We take a wide focus lens to empower members to share in our 5 star member experience.

All members are cherished. As member, you take part in the growing, pressing and private labeling of olive oil. Our goal is to foster the unique international interests of members via wellness and healing learning opportunities, farm dinners and social gatherings with music and wine parings various times throughout the year. We inspire our members to be playful, take a crayon, draw a “tunnel vision roadmap” fill it with diverse life passions, dreams, once and a lifetime celebrations!  Our aim is to foster joyful celebrations, life is treasured, stewardship promoted, entrepreneurs applauded.

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