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Joy, Passion, Purpose, Results

IMG_0506I am a Creative Designer, Writer, Innovator, Dreamer, Entrepreneur. My plan is always to nurture others to greatness as Optimist, Artist, Compassionate Life Coach embracing a “Tunnel Vision Approach” to accomplish all of life’s passions and goals.

I have worked on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange, a Stock Trader, Insurance Broker, Luxury Realtor as well as a compassionate Mother/Infant Nurse.  IMG_0522Growing up, I was surrounded by successful parents who acted as amazing roll models building and growing a top flower shop in northern New Jersey outside of Manhattan. I chose to do something different. First ballet and modeling with Bonnie Kid Agency, New York City. From my diverse life experiences I wrote a best selling entrepreneurial book paved with tough life experiences, the end result, a vision and plan directing my journey, “Tunnel Vision, a focused life”.

Today, as financial life coach and mentor I assist others develop focus and clarity with their life plan for greatness and joy. I have inspired each of my children to reach for their inner creative genius with childlike abandon. I share with you my accomplishments, my farm, my book, my aspirations and accomplishments transparently. I will also share challenges, the things that ultimately made me stronger. All is possible if we believe with a burning desire in amazing silver linings and moonbeams that come our way. We are duty bound to take action daily to accomplish what we set as our roadmap to success least time go by without results!

There are no mistakes here, every lesson we face is a valuable one. I am humbled by a life journey that has taught me to cherish each golden opportunity, to empower others to their own best potential. No matter where we begin, we achieve “our” greatness by loving ourself, standing straight and tall, bringing joy to each challenge and letting go of fear. Sometimes the roadblock we create within our mind are the strongest, remove them now! Dedicate yourself to becoming the best you, the you of creative impact, on purpose every step of the way; health care, mental focus, exercise, family, work, charitable giving.

My goal, to help you get firmly grounded, to visualize first and to write a plan, to assist you to remove boundaries mental or otherwise, to create lazar like focus and clarity and to move on with momentum regardless of what others think or say. What ever unique gifts you bring to the table, your experiences and background make you a superior five star quality individual to achieve inner strength and greatness and translate that in to it’s physical or material equivalent. No matter where you start, no matter how many careers or opportunities you have attempted, experiences are golden combined with self love, trust, perseverance, dedication, inner drive, dedication and momentum. A life of joy is a life on purpose.

Take a serious inventory of where you are now, what you need to do to solidify your road to success. Be specific, acknowledge the end goal, work backward whether this is a money goal or a situational goal. Where you want to live, the house you wish to inhabit, the kind of life you plan to lead, the occupation or assets you plan to acquire, if your plan includes philanthropic giving and how this will be done. Be specific about health, family and abundance as wellness and beauty consciousness is soul lifting! It is good to have some “Moon Juice” every once and a while. Once a plan is clearly verbalized, allow me to help you focus clearly, work will inevitably lead to results.

Carpe Diem!

My legacy will involve the mentoring of youth and millennials as I did while I was a broker at UBS, San Francisco. Originally I invested emotion and time to assist a small group of orphans. I still maintain contact but I am bringing my efforts “home” and will create a pilot project in my community to affect change now. The climb is always uphill!

2 comments on “Joy, Passion, Purpose, Results

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    Hey Janet,

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    1. I thank you thank you ! Jan Attard, 1FocusedEntrepreneur


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