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Remember when you were thirteen or fourteen years old;  you were not overwhelmed with the effects of commerce and marketing on your senses or emotions; perhaps you may have been older than this chronological age.  Do you recall having been blessed by a feeling driving enjoyment of creative writing, painting, dancing, competition, exploration, passion for life.

Today, allow yourself to embrace this unique feeling of the past, all your own as in a dream now, follow this to museums, music halls, dance floors. What a gift it to allow your inner voice a joyful spirit to take hold and to be expressed uniquely one of a kind, all your own.  The energy embraced within this an inner creative impulse moment t is uniquely you, never deny its wonderful power and ability to transform you.  No one can take this from you; never allow someone to take this from you!

Today is a gift, when passion take hold, it has the ability to transform you in many ways unimaginable, truly magical abilities. If you are mentored, fabulous, if not, please promise to maintain firm inner strength, fortitude, press on unstoppable.  Some of the great artists of the world once may have been called “crazy”.  Each one of the artists I reference learned to overcome much and cross precipices to reach the pinnacle of success in their trade.

Someone else cannot create or manufacture this kind of passion.  Reaching artistic self expression to move mountains takes ultimate positive self absorption with the details and choreography of your artistic trade or endeavor whether this is law school, becoming a pilot, a musician, a golfer, a scientist, doctor, attorney or an architect.  Amazing how many different things we can “allow ourselves to become” if we believe.
Now, allow your inner energy to express itself, allow it to get louder and louder without wandering.  If it is truly your passion, this passion will not express itself as work but the best and most fulfilling time of your life no matter what you must put into it. Time itself will float away and stand still. The moment of ultimate self expression is freeing.  How lucky you are to have someone who mentored you to follow dreams.  Great masterpieces are revealed when prior to this moment doubters and naysayers exclaimed  “it could not be done”. You knew better, ……..Carpe Diem.
Specific and clearly unique steps are necessary likened to a blinding harnessed very tightly chiseled “tunnel vision approach” to perfect this kind of passion. It is different for each one of us but pushing past internal or external resistance and any doubt is mandatory.  At some point, your internal voice will scream “yes”, forward momentum will take hold, any difficulty will be overcome by a natural progression that side steps all adversity, no negative self talk, only positivity will survive.


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