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Empowered Millennials


When you are young and smart enough to create a working financial plan, to align with a financial coach early; the competitive force and focus is within you!  Millennials who are focused and determined early to save more, to accumulate more, and to be more of themselves on a yearly basis without fail, no matter how boring or routine it seems at the time, will reach a goal to be financially independent & life style independent earlier and more dynamically whether they intend to retire or not.  Life style decisions that are formulated with dynamic follow through will allow the freedom of decision latter on, to keep working out of choice, to move to a different environment, to travel, to build corporations and or a non profits, or to drive entrepreneurial and or 501c3 philanthropic pursuits; your freedom to decide arising from a place of inner wealth.


Millennials, please understand that time passes more quickly than you will ever image it would.  Know that your best friend and your best decisions will emanate from you alone.   Dedicate yourself to be all you can be in this lifetime, acknowledge your best passions, create your life and what you do now around things that make you happy as the future is brightest when you strive do do what you are “meant to do” body mind and spirit.  Drive to establish entrepreneurial skill sets or technical expertise in art, design, become a chef, a care giver, a builder, a wine expert, an architect or engineer.  Via extreme focus early on your goal of financial independence will become you if you pave the way now.


Clear financial planning, a combination of knowledge in real estate, knowledge about stock investments and alternative investments, knowledge about bonds and options, and your ability to commoditize yourself one day at a time believe in yourself and your abilities will create within you power and abilities. Steve Jobs created an idea then a company Apple out of a garage after dropping out of Stanford.  Larry Ellison dropped out of Harvard with a passion for programing to create Oracle. Microsoft was created by Bill Gates who dropped out of Harvard.  Not to say that dropping out of college is necessary prerequisite to becoming a major financial or corporate success, just know that the course you pursue is not dedicated to the school or the degree you acquire, it is all about the dedication and hunger of your entrepreneurial spirit and drive that will forge your path.  Look at Mike Ferry who has created for millions the avenue of motivation to drive internal wealth consciousness. Mike Ferry provides the avenue, the opportunity is yours!


Be open to learn, to quiet your mind, to know yourself and your special passions now.  Know the importance of paying yourself first now. These are not complex principles to learn and to master, however society and marketing and visuals of today may get in the way and lead you astray if your mind is not grounded on the concept of becoming financially independent.  Principles must be grounded on dynamic knowledge and awareness.  Listen to the news and learn from what goes on around the world. Read one old and powerful book “Think and Grow Rich”.  Acknowledge the power of long term risk management, purchasing real estate in the “right location”, studying the fundamentals of solid companies that have a proven ten year track record and most important garner a  position in life that speaks to and fulfills your long term goal”Tunnel Vision Approach” to drive your inner passion and inner wealth whether five days a week or seven days each week. Compete with yourself, quietly see this plan transform itself, time is on your side.

IMG_0182Even if you never plan to “retire” execute a life plan which is results driven and focused on outcomes that work for you long term.  Work the plan to allow you to transition to do things you love doing in this lifetime versus things you have to be doing to earn a pay check. Perhaps you do not have to clock in and out to work, instead volunteer, assist with an art project, design a victory garden.  I designed a “Pied-a Terre” oasis. I work the grounds, a space for meetings, gatherings, parties, intimate classy celebrations, named after a Ukrainian Orphanage, Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve. Members now delight in it.

IMG_5073I am a wellness advocate, a promotor of inner peace, outer body awareness, total transformation of spirit. I was not always powerful, life lessons blessed my path.  I advocate you feed your body, your soul daily eating right, exercise, take time for self reflection, family, love.  Commit to love your precious life making your surroundings more beautiful moment by moment.  Millennials, it is your time to step up to the plate and see our earth from a youthful vantage point, become stewards and entrepreneurs of environmental change to create avenues to enrich the earth for all individuals. If you are grounded in your personal financial independence there is a clear path to a better world.

1376420_213090672200629_1478274042_nBasic Financial Planning involves management of a portfolio comprised of stocks, bonds, treasuries and real estate.  The returns generated from a long term portfolio held and monitored for appreciation will allow for a more secure and stable financial life.  Again, this part of life should not be left for question or speculation, we are available to mentor and support your knowledge and your growth. Similar to monthly bills, dedicate yourself to pay yourself with 20 to 30% from each paycheck.  If work allows you to contribute 18-30% or more pre-tax into a 401K or 403B, go for it to the best of your ability!  With a side job, consider a SEP IRA, as contributions will be allowed up to 20% of adjusted profit for $54,000.  Accumulation of things is fun, but not benefitting a plan for early retirement. Set the numbers and stay the course; if you need a mentor/coach we are here for you.

IMG_9469Know yourself better than anyone; know how much each day costs you, know how you are, your latte habit, your exercise habits requiring a gym, good shoes.  A latte treat to execute a savings plan will not break you if this is what you need to get through the day. However a latte done again and again may take you further from your goals; sad but true!  Care for your health every step along the way.  Keep fit with a variety of exercise routines.  Walk, move, decrease stress, engage, keeping bones and spirit supple.  Eat colorful fresh fruit and vegetables from a market or garden, decrease salt, decrease fat.  Good protein burns fat, grains are essential.  Balance is everything, moderation is key.

IMG_0562Teach wealth savings strategies to your life partner so you are both on the same page.  Share the plan in visual parameters showing the strategy and the gain long term.  I know now the disciplined strategy of my partner however at the time, it was never shared with me in a way that engaged me to collaborate and see the light!   Time moves at a pace all it’s own.  At 61, though I feel healthy and energetic, I acknowledge the clock is ticking fast, I wish way back then I could have been a part of the plan that I create now. Though relaxing and enjoying life early on is fun, youth is fleeting.  A great head start for a superb savings plan must start early and be dynamic. Know how to manage time and budget expenses tempered with you savings plan long term is key. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Placeholder ImageWhether you have a family, a business or are growing an organization, sadly we are not omnipotent.  We must save for a rainy day, a tragedy, the unexpected turn in fate. We must allow for all the possible savings opportunities from our work to be put in place so that savings are done without our even thinking about it.  We must spend carefully. At the same time, we must maintaining life and health insurance coverage for protection against the unknown in this life of challenge, celebration and immense opportunity.


At J. Oliver Maxwell, we pursue your goals with single minded focus; we care, we listen.

Here’s to a rich, successful and creative future filled with memories and opportunities.

Jan Attard, MBA, CMT, Financial Life Coach

Registered Investment Advisor


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