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Gardens of Happiness

IMG_0583Days and months go by, there are so many excuses why we do not connect as family.

IMG_0565This weekend, I traveled north of Seattle for my mother’s 84th birthday.  We did so much, we packed it all in in a very short period of time. I took so many photographs to fill face-book, twitter, emails and my memory bank. We had an incredible time eating, walking, laughing, sharing moments, viewing the beauty of Seattle and north.

IMG_0543I am now flying back to Northern California, the wine country, gardening and job related things on the agenda. I will see my amazing father very very soon and hope to take a trip to visit my eldest son in Boston in the near future. It is with a heartfelt yearning to return to Seattle to connect with my one of a kind unbelievable mom, make lasting memories, attend one or many outdoor concerts, share another long walk with Sasha, embark upon a roller blading adventure or simply to view yet again the greenery and splendor that is Seattle, Kirkland, Woodinville, Washington.

IMG_0505My brother and Theresa were fabulous.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Guests were visiting my place in California, lovely. My sons as usual are growing up and defining their territories. One loves to keep his environment clean, my musician, the other of three sons needs for a cleaning service, my professional golfer, so is life……..we all shall survive together…..yes,this is the lesson,  it is all beautiful….(:

IMG_0522My memory banks are full…..


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