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Tunnel Vision, a focused life


I am a Designer, Writer, Innovator, Dreamer, Empowered Creator, Entrepreneur, Optimist, Artist, Compassionate Consultant/Life Coach who embraces a “Tunnel Vision Approach” attitude to accomplish all of life’s passions and dreams. Though I have worked on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange, I have worked as Nurse as well as worked at my parents flower shop and modeled for Bonnie Kid Agency during my formative years in growing up in New Jersey. I am a student of learning, compassion and our right to be diverse, eloquent and all present in the moment my entire life. Though the road has not always been “perfect” as I would choreograph in the ballet studio and on stage, it is all perfect.  Within this imperfection is where I find inspiration to give back to you.

I have inspired each of my children to reach for their inner creative genius with childlike abandon; all is possible if we believe with a burning desire in the amazing silver linings and moonbeams that come our way! Believe me, there are no mistakes here, every lesson we are faced with is a valuable one.  I am humbled by a life journey that has taught me to cherish each moment, each opportunity, to empower others who ever they are.  To reach your highest potential always.  No matter where we begin, detailed within my book, we achieve greatness by loving ourselves first, standing straight, tall, reaching out to love others and then bringing joy to even the most challenging of life situations.

My goal, after my own struggles and toils, has been to help others create a magical life filled with action and accomplishment. What ever unique personality or gifts you bring to the table, your experiences and background make you five star quality for your own creative potential and momentum to achieve greatness. No matter where we start no matter how many careers or opportunities you have pondered along the way, via my energized socially conscious blog post on word press, “1focused entrepreneur” and one financially savvy advisory webpage, jolivermaxwell,llc, combined with inspirational videos & messages together we shall see the power of thriving despite challenge. With a little help, mentoring, collaboration and spiritual hand holding, I am here 24/7 to assist you move past fear, doubt and lack of focus to achieve happiness, joy and success.

This is my passion!

5 comments on “Tunnel Vision, a focused life

  1. My issue, I know I have to start something, but what I don’t know and I am searching which I know I can and passionate about doing it. I love to do business. So searching for answers.

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    1. thanks for sharing, i advocate do not push what you will do, life naturally flows to things we love so see where you are, where are you drive, this is a creative process, enjoy! jan xo (:


    2. Sometimes if you slow down and take time away from worry about it …the answer will come to you! believe me!
      Jan 1FocusedEntrepreneur


  2. I wish it comes quickly, you need energy to do business. That’s one of my colors of life.


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. I need to find something, I wish that one click of thing comes!

    Thanks for your reply and positive response. Hope, wish and desire to have more meaningful discussion with you.


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