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Tunnel Vision Approach

FullSizeRenderPush Past Resistance, Procrastination, Avoidance, Distraction, Lack of a Plan, Fear

“Tunnel Vision a focused life”, is a joyful inspirational journey wherein the writer shares her story to make a strategic point; no matter where you are in your life, you are powerful enough to attain your greatness.  Forge a path all your own, never settle!  We all face some bumps in the road, how we embrace these bumps will define our destiny.  Be secure in your step, clear in your vision, forceful in executing your passion.  

The book explores the steadfast refusal by the writer to focus on adversity.  Instead a choice is made to focus laser-like no matter how many hours a day this takes on dream accomplishment transformed into individual fine tuned reality via intense visualization, self affirmation, daily work until goal setting habits and daily work transform our lives. Believe me, this is possible one baby step at a time, no matter how crazy we may seem.

“Tunnel Vision, a focused life” is absolutely necessary for a new start up business entrepreneur as well as the youthful millennial. Too many people who want to be successful, balanced and achieve greatness developing an idea, product or service are too scattered and fragmented listening to comments and concerns of others.  Instead, intense daily focus, consistent visualization, journaling, verbalizing, landscape design, event coordination, financial planning, entrepreneurial mentoring, calculated marketing, positive self-talk, powerful mastermind collaboration, laughter, joy, competition, personal health, dress for success and diet management on a consistent basis breed success. There is always room for improvement! Be your own driving force.

Demand Success, Absolute Clarity, Passion, Drive, Tenacious Focus, Hunger, Vision

The writer, via her own “bumpy” example, paints a picture and shares in great detail.  This is not a sad luck story and there is no time for pity parties. She challenges you to live dreams, climb tall mountains, create and explore beyond your wildest imagination, no matter what road you have forged in the past. Never ever stop trying, never stop believing in yourself.  Silver linings appear as rainbows.  The impossible can happen.

First, believe in yourself, Stand firmly grounded, Explore your passions, Write, Paint a Picture, Thrive on Chaos, Allow “You” to Excel at your own greatness, Feel Passion. Allow yourself to make a difference no matter how rocky the road may seem at the start never ever stop perfecting your chosen path. Our legacy thus our story, will define us.


There is No One That Can Do This For You, No Pity Party, Stop Any and All Excuses

Mentors and Advocates may guide, encourage and support, providing a strong and forceful sounding board of positive encouragement and professional advice to light a path, educate a journey, providing financial, spiritual, and marketing prowess. The one , who will provide daily inspiration and encouragement to get up and get the job done is You.  Do your own self talk, Be your own best judge. Create your own winning formula.

Challenge Yourself, Dedicate Calculated Steps to Push Beyond A Comfort Zone 

The competition and drive must resonate from within.  Set your visualization, paint a picture in vivid color, define a time line, what you are determined to create or become, when you expect to complete the task, steps required, energy necessary, one day at a time, no turning back. Surround yourself with empowered people, the tools necessary and the steps required to make success a reality no matter the intensity of your climb. Fools win by their unwavering determination and focus.  Listen to your own counsel.

Visualize Your Goal, Write It, Draw It, Speak it, Hunger for It 

Become the architect of your own perfect “Tunnel”, work to make it superior in every way; color, clarity, dimensions. This one tunnel must become an atmosphere in which you must succeed. Self talk is essential.  There can not be, language “I will try” instead language must resonate with “I will” achieve.  The goal must be something that has to happen to set action in motion to move mountains.  Never forget, to be hungry is good. Understand no one starts from a position of perfection rather perfection is achieved from self mastery and self propulsion set in motion daily until the goal is achieved. Journal your progress daily and make a habit of setting aside time for reflection.



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