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“Ask and it shall be given unto You” Sermon on the Mount

IMG_0267“Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and dominate their thoughts find that new worlds open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities”.

Norman Vincent Peale


“Create an image of where you would like the journey to begin and where it will lead you down the road. In your greatest imagination, – the way you stand, the way you dress, how you speak and act- all become a part of this voyage.  Humility is key, for we already know and have encountered roadblocks that others would not even imagine could exist in one lifetime. We are never too secure nor too above it all to learn life lessons along the way. Be open and accepting of change.

Quietly with no one else around, call out your miracle. Make a promise to yourself that you will start on your journey and never allow your path to be interrupted. Renounce the past and vow to dedicate yourself to the creation of a perfect dream. Vividly imagine a perfectly constructed tunnel- beautiful, safe, and structurally superior.  Be the greatest tunnel architect, going to any and all lengths to learn all you can to command all the knowledge around you to protect yourself and moreover, to flourish.  From within your tunnel, moving forward, all things are possible.

Spend time learning a focused strategy.  Surround yourself with the attributes of the tunnel- strength, focus, durability. The perfection and clarity of this image must be seen in vivid color.. Understand that the tunnel will guide you onward. It is you however, who must forge the path. what you do, how you act, and what you allow to guide you will influence the outcome. Let your vision explore the magic this experience provides you. Make every part of the picture realign your mind and spirit. You are the master of your imagination.”

Tunnel Vision, a focused life

Isadora Fokine Beauregard



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