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fullsizeoutput_6f3bPlan a Fabulous Life!

Lets Make this process Fun!

– Start early setting up and making automatic investment withdrawals to your retirement account to the maximum that you are able to help you avoid spending your hard earned money when you get your pay check.  When money is automatically withdrawn it is an easier process; in essence you pay yourself monthly first.  You are worth it! Now live a focused life!
-When you do not see money in your bank account you will not be tempted to spend it!  Instead, you are efficiently saving for your long term goals and objectives.  Focus clearly on the goals important to you, daily make a commitment to achieving these goals no matter how far off they seem. Your investment account will grow in value over time exponentially.  Do not think, “I am too young to start an investment portfolio”.  Time has a way of creeping up more quickly than we comprehend.
-Try not to be emotional about your investments.   Do not jump in and out of your holdings when the market is volatile.  If you have chosen a fundamentally sound long term investment strategy utilizing top tier managers holding investments long term will secure long term results that benefit you and your family.
– Learn the difference between cash accounts versus ETF Funds, Mutual Funds,  Singular Stock Investing, Bonds or Cash.  Monitor your investments and Risk Parameters on a quarterly basis.  Track this performance with top tier software.
– Learn the importance of security gained by leveraging your asset portfolio with insurance for business, home and self.  When you have and need insurance, it is there to protect you as a security tool and investment tool for the long term.
– Plan to meet with your Investment Advisor at least two or more times each year.  Manage Risk by making sure your diverse portfolio asset allocations are in line with your overall goals and objectives.  Make adjustments to your portfolio only when absolutely needed.  Withdraw funds only in times of emergency.  Revise your investment plan if your goals change or you identify new goals.  We are allowed to be flexible in this amazing and wonderful lifetime filled with planning and adventure.
– When you are fortunate to stop working having reached your goal of retirement, (bravo!) you will need to carefully figure out how much and when to withdraw money from your retirement accounts.
– There are various tax laws you will need to understand.  Have your trusted tax accountant make you aware of rules and regulations specific to people after 59 years old (withdrawals from a tax-deferred account without a penalty) and rules specific to when you turn 70 years old ( required minimal distributions determined by your age and value of your investment holdings). Take this to a trusted person knowledgeable in Tax Laws.
– Plan never to take too much money from your retirement too quickly.
Enjoy this fabulous life!
Live you passion!
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