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A Journey, Not a Destination

IMG_0200My Journey

Cheers, my first blog post!

I thank you for joining me.

Do Enjoy!

I am an Avid Designer, Writer, Innovator, Investor, Creator, Artist, Environmentalist;

I embrace a “Tunnel Vision Approach” attitude to accomplish all of life’s passions.  I have inspired my three sons to reach their inner creative genius with childlike abandon; all is possible if we truly believe with a steadfast hunger and burning desire in the miracles of focus, self belief, and amazing silver linings and moonbeams that come our way!

I am humbled by a life journey that has taught me so much about myself and others; humbled me more than I could ever share in this forum or would care to share.  Something to be shared out on the Farm (Makiivka Estate Farm Reserve). my Pied de Terre……

I cherish each and every moment, each and every golden opportunity to strive crazy and joyfully to empower and to enrich others graciously through my actions as dynamic roll model as I know personally anything and everything is possible if you truly believe.

My Business Pursuits: I am a Realtor/Investor in love with classic design and estate properties who places interests of clients first with a purchase or sale of homes and estates.  I am a Registered Investment Advisor with a background with the Private Client Group, UBS Paine Webber, San Francisco.   Now I act as Registered Investment Advisor of my own firm, J. Oliver Maxwell, LLC, as trusted loyal fiduciary; I passionately listen  to diverse client specific goals and objectives measured against individual risk tolerance.  I am grounded in caring for others in Nursing to infants and mothers, a blessing.

My Schooling: I am a Georgetown University trained Nurse.  I hold an MBA attaining a 3.8 average from Ashford University, a CMT (Certified Market Technician) from Golden Gate University, licenses in Insurance, CFP and halfway through Law School.

Fun: Ten years ago, I took on the wonderful challenge to farm a field of thick weeds in Northern California to create a  sustainable biodynamic farm reserve; Makiivka Estate.  A ‘destination” resort and business meeting place given birth to a private meeting venue for investors – families, individuals, corporations, small businesses who seek venture capital infusions to promote a master mind methodology for growth and appreciation. I named the farm after a small group of orphans in Ukraine which focused my effort on others in need and granted me the opportunity to share this goal and desire with others..

I have worked with literary agents, editors, designers, and marketing geniuses to create my first book.  A memoir that has transformed into an empowering tool for millennials.

I am blessed with three healthy amazing sons who live their passions fully (as a Pro golfer, as a Sax Man musician and as a Wine Maker/ chemotherapy chemist) no limitations no regrets.  There are no mistakes here, everything happens for a reason each day we are alive and we are willing to pursue our dream and passion quest.

I intend to utilize each moment instilling in all I meet a passion for life, an appreciation for health and a desire to utilize each and every entrepreneur skill to enrich my life and that of others around me.  By empowering others we then allow ourselves to transcend.   Through this magical experience of positive energy and synergy flow each and every day, we too are transformed.  We only have so many seconds to share here…..


At some point, all the pieces come together…….

Live your passions….never stop this quest

Carpe Diem!



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